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Unleashing AI: Boost Your Creativity & Reclaim Your Time

Join us May 23rd for a FREE webinar as Cathi Hight and Frank Kenny discover ways to unleash AI to boost your creativity and reclaim your time.

Our Most Popular Webinars

Avoid Burnout — Manage the 5 Stages of Stress

Explore with Cathi Hight ways to create a healthy work environment, prevent burnout, and increase productivity.

More Money For Your Mission — Diversifying Revenue Streams

Watch as Cathi Hight explores the latest trends in funding models and how to generate more revenue to achieve your goals.

I Want a Divorce — How to Develop Lifetime Members

Watch as Cathi Hight delves into the uncanny correlation of divorce and member churn patterns.

Prioritize the Urgent, Squeaky Wheel and Someday

Explore with Cathi Hight as we discuss how other professionals make decisions while juggling the realm of multiple requestors and priorities.

Cultivate a New Sponsorship Mindset — Align Value to Mission

Watch this dynamic and informative webinar with Cathi Hight, where we dive into the latest trends and best practices in sponsorship development.

The Intentional Programming Calendar — Align, Plan, and Deliver

Explore as Cathi Hight discusses ways to intentionally develop programming calendars that align with your priorities, engage your audiences, and make best use of your resources.

Freemium Membership: How Does it Serve Your Mission?

Hear the stories of how SWFL Inc, Douglas County Chamber, and Eugene Chamber embarked on offering a freemium membership level, their challenges and insights, and why other organizations should consider making the change.

Membership Life Cycle — Which Stage Needs Improvement?

Explore with Cathi Hight as she reveals proven strategies to recruit, engage, and retain more members to achieve real membership growth.

Networking 4.0 — Rethink and Reinvent the Art of Connection

Watch the discussion as Cathi Hight and her guests, Beth Bridges of The Networking Motivator and Frank Kenny, Digital Strategist and Founder of Chamber of Commerce Professionals, talk about the opportunity move away from networking and focus on building networks.

Kill the Sacred Cows: Reimagine, Redesign and Relaunch

With uncertainty looming and the changing expectations of stakeholders, it’s time to evaluate with Cathi Hight what you offer, say goodbye to sacred cows whose time has come and gone, and develop new strategies for designing future programs.

Take Back Your Time and Your Life!

Learn from Cathi Hight the “secret sauce” of time management strategies that really work.

Performance Lab Membership | Hight Performance Group

What People Are Saying About Hight Performance Group

Our relationship began with your services as a coach to our office staff, following department wide training in time management and organizational skills. The success of the program is evident throughout our departments today and due in large part to your persistent, but patient, encouragement and professional guidance. I know that relationships established with our staff members during the coaching visits to ensure the continuation and success of the training continues today. That speaks loudly of your success, both professionally and personally. I look forward to our continued contact and programs offered by you and your colleagues.

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Over the years, I have had the good fortune of participating in many time management training opportunities and have gleaned a gem or two from all. For me, the Work Smarter, Not Harder program was a markedly different experience than past training sessions. The tools I learned from this program produced many, many positive results in my work day. I am on top of my priorities, effectively planning projects, and working on tasks well before they are due. I am able to look toward the future needs of my department, and proactively plan next steps in a way I have never achieved before. This program will benefit anyone who wants to work smarter!

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Cathi’s foresight in creating a tool that helps organizations retain more of its members is a natural progression in her consulting specialty because we all know recruiting new members... costs far more than keeping the ones we already have.

Debra Benton, author How To Think Like a CEO (Warner Books)

In this day and age of meeting customer needs, a generic membership approach no longer works. A New Approach to Tired Membership provides the basis to analyzing and developing a successful plan for creating a custom approach that delivers value and meets individual customer’s needs. Highly recommended.

Mark A V’Soske, CAE, President (retired)
Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce

Cathi Hight knows chambers, understands members, and her tiered system is the special sauce for turning your membership sales from a business transaction into a meaningful relationship based on a blending of mutual interests.

John Tayer, President and CEO
Boulder Chamber

Cathi distills the complexities of operating membership organizations into something that is understandable and applicable. She is incredibly knowledgeable of best practices, her frameworks are spot-on, but she is always welcoming to new ideas and approaches. Her hallmark is how graciously she shares her knowledge, experience and wisdom. A conversation with Cathi always leads to an improvement in whatever I am working on.

Jonathan Packard, Senior VP of Customer Experience
Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce

Cathi Hight and Hight Performance Group confront the issue of member retention head-on with a proactive approach. Their Member Retention Kit helps Chamber executives like myself identify the ideal and the ‘at-risk’ member, develop migration strategies and compile and analyze reports that will assist with managing retention.

Pam Ridler, CCE, President
Castle Rock CO Chamber of Commerce