It’s Time to Get Out of Perpetual Recruitment Mode

It’s no secret that sustaining and growing association memberships has become a greater challenge than ever before. Does looking at your membership numbers frustrate you because for each new member you obtain, you lose another?

Imagine changing that and shifting your organization into one that clearly communicates the value of membership so that members keep coming back for more.

With so many networking opportunities—online and off—there are a lot of messages competing for not only your prospects’ attention, but that of your current members. So, how do you decrease drop rates and gain a greater share of the market?

Go From Being a Good Organization to a Great One

If your association is good, but wants to be great, Hight Performance Group leads the way. Known as the Retention Specialist, Cathi Hight dives deep into your organization and reveals ways for you to manage change and:

  • Enhance the value of membership so members are eager to join (and renew).
  • Engage in strategic evolution that positions your organization to meet market needs.
  • Boost productivity by optimizing your internal structure, easily and effectively.
Grow My Membership | Hight Performance Group
Grow My Membership | Hight Performance Group

Get the tools you need to grow your membership!

Retain My Members | Hight Performance Group
Retain My Members | Hight Performance Group

Start improving your membership retention rates!

Evolve My Organization | Hight Performance Group
Evolve My Organization | Hight Performance Group

Learn to evolve your organization to meet stakeholder’s needs today!

We help organizations manage constant change, develop customer-centricity
and “work smarter, not harder.” How can we help you?


Strategic Direction:

What are the trends that affect the direction of your organization? Discover how to navigate change smoothly and realign your organization for ongoing success. Click here and find out how.

Membership Value:

Are members demanding more ROI for their investments? What do they expect from you and how can you exceed those expectations? Explore ways to deliver more value, and increase recruitment and retention rates. Click here.

Build Strong Teams:

A successful organization has a team that not only understands the mission, but excels at advancing that mission. Strengthen your capacity to succeed and ensure that your team achieves its goals. Find out more here.

Cathi is THE authority on membership retention. Her ability to see the organization from a top level perspective and focus in on what needs to change . . . is amazing.

—Phyllis Snodgrass, COO, Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce