Up Your Vitamin P Intake

I love reading Experience Life magazine because I always walk away with new insights about living a more fulfilling life. Did you know that upping your daily intake of Vitamin P you increase your physical and mental vitality? “Vitamin P” is not something you take in the form of a tablet and you can’t buy it from your favorite health food store. Nope, according to nutritional psychologist Marc David, it’s only available when you cultivate Pleasure in your everyday life.

An earlier magazine issue (2008) featured an article that linked Pleasure and Satisfaction with correlated Optimal Health outcomes. David explains, “What’s clear is that our levels of pleasure and satisfaction are directly correlated to our biochemical balance.” Small doses of pleasure can actually raise our immune-boosting chemical levels.

How do you get your Recommended Daily Intake? It’s easier than you think and you can do it by following these two life-enhancing strategies:

  1. Schedule fun, exciting, novel or relaxing activities in an otherwise hectic schedule. Building moments of slowing down are important to reduce peaks of stress hormones like cortisol which can lead to heart disease and diabetes.  I get my doses through traveling to new places and coming back to favorite destinations (like Hawaii where I spent much of my life and return annually at Thanksgiving to visit siblings, enjoy delicious ethnic foods, and go to local craft fairs for holiday shopping). I’m the M&M gal and enjoy both margaritas and massages and always make time for both! And I knit in the evenings taking pleasure in working with natural fiber yarns that are exquisite to the touch.
  2. Be aware of simple blips of pleasure, happiness and appreciation by practicing mindfulness of every day experiences. Find ways to expand your sense of what brings you pleasure. There are so many opportunities I discover that bring me pleasure like smearing my just-showered body with scented cocoa butter, watching my cats sleep with their paws covering their eyes to block the light, brushing beautiful Leo and feeling the silkiness of his long haired coat, and cooking up new recipes I found in a magazine or a cookbook. I love the assortment of teas in the pantry and delight in smelling the aromas of Chai, Good Earth, and mate brewing. And being curled up on the leather sofa with my favorite guy watching reruns of favorite shows and movies makes me glad to be home.

So, make time in your days to indulge in Vitamin P. Pamper you and others around you. Find ways to nourish your body, mind, and soul. You’ll be healthier and happier!