Lynne C. Reynolds, Director, Boulder Municipal Court

I had the opportunity to participate in the Work Smarter, Not Harder program. Over the years, I have had the good fortune of participating in many time management training opportunities, and have gleaned a gem or two from all. For me, Work Smarter, Not Harder was a markedly different experience than past training sessions.

The tools I learned from this program produced many, many positive results in my work day. I am on top of my priorities, effectively planning projects, and working on tasks well before they are due. I am able to look toward the future needs of my department, and proactively plan next steps in a way I have never achieved before.

The one-on-one coaching sessions required me to follow through with implementing an improved work area. My files are organized, my in-box consistently empty, and my office is now a functional, productive place. Within three months of completing this program, I was in control of my work week. I have recommended this training to many of my colleagues and all have experienced tremendous gains in productivity. This program will benefit anyone who wants to work smarter!