John Dolbec, Chief Executive Officer, Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, Ontario, Canada

I have been going to CEO, as well as CCEC conferences now for almost 13 years – all told that equates to more than 3 dozen. In all those conferences, while there have been many great presentations by many capable presenters, I think yours on Friday last week must be the absolute best one that I have ever had; at least the single one (or more accurately set – as you presented on three topics, as I recall, that was the most useful to me professionally.) So, simply thank you. In summary, UD BEST! I think it was Mark Twain who said something like ‘the only things worth learning are those which you pick up after you know it all’; or some wording to that effect. I consider the things that we picked up last week to have been well worth learning in that context. My sincerest and deepest appreciation.