How to Cultivate Engagement with New Members

engagement-catalystWe complain about the lack of engaged members with new members.  They make a decision to join and then drop off the radar without investing in what they said they wanted, right?  So, are the members at fault  because they either lied about their intention or didn’t fall through on their own interests?  Or are we at fault because they told us what they wanted and we didn’t listen or didn’t help them to act on their intentions?

In the article, Cultivating Engagement:  What Was the Catalyst? Jeffrey Cufaude explores how associations can listen to new members’ needs or interests and then provide a catalyst to customize the next interaction for specific members.  He recommends that our listening antenna for new members should be tuned in to answer this question:  “What brings you to XYZ Association as a new member?”

Here’s a great example Jeffrey offers in the article on acting on a next interaction with a new member based on a response to a new member survey or email question:

New Member Offers a Catalyst:  “I am new to the industry or profession (or area).”

Possible Action from Association Staff Member:  Provide provide a link to a web page containing a few essential resources for newcomers, a 2-minute video welcome, and five tips for newcomers that you’ve gathered from your existing members.  Include pictures and identifying information for each of these members so that it has a more personal tone.  Example: Jeffrey Cufaude from Idea Architects said he found ______ to be really helpful when he was new to the profession because it ____.

The article offers some great ideas on how to cultivate new member engagement.  Check it out!