How Do I Contribute to the Connection Economy?

I left inspired after listening to Seth Godin at the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives convention in Cincinnati. Seth has a way of making us look into the mirror of not just our organizations, but within ourselves, and preparing us to take a leap of faith into the unknown.

There are people who are a lot like us who share the same problems, concerns or interests. We’re so  busy being inside ourselves, waiting for the right time, for perfection, or for someone else to do something. Maybe the “someone else” is you or your organization. Sure, not everyone needs or wants the same things. We’re just looking for the others who are like us. Those who think differently, have the same dreams, who crave change in our lives, or just see the world in the same weird way.

The Connection Economy needs someone(s) who:

  • Coordinates the opportunity to bring us like-minded people together
  • Helps us develop trust with people we didn’t know before
  • Gets our permission to engage by developing relationships with us
  • Fosters an exchange of ideas so the power of everyone is increased
  • Is generous with knowledge and shares for the benefit of the tribe
  • Creates an artistic environment by allowing for new ideas and risks, without retribution

The only way we and our organizations thrive is by treating people differently rather than by forcing conformity. Innovation and solutions come through those who create connections, communities, abundance, and risks. It’s about bringing together a group of people like you or who have something in common, regardless of how small, and allowing them to support one another. It means that some of us need to step out of the “normal” group to lead a new group.

Seth inspired chambers to embrace Salto Mortale (the leap) to lead their communities, to SHIP ideas and solutions now rather than spending time to get ready. He encouraged us not to listen to naysayers who tell us something can’t be done. After all, said Seth “If it’s not your job to fly high, then whose is it?”

He reminds us that there’s a difference between preparation and being ready. We can prepare to take the leap of faith to explore the “what if?” and find needed solutions even if we’re not fully ready. If we jump off the cliff and expect to fly, we’ll grow the wings needed to soar.

What leap are you preparing to make for you and your community? You may be surprised to see how many follow and what a group of like-minded people can achieve!