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What Your Association Can Learn from Netflix

What Your Association Can Learn from Netflix | Webinar | Hight Performance Group


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    Explore tips on engaging members all year long.

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    Look at how pricing influences engagement and member satisfaction.

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    Discover how to apply lessons learned from Netflix to attract, engage, and retain members.

When applying the perspective of another industry to your association, you probably ask:

    • How can we increase followers, memberships, and our revenue?
    • When do social media posts hurt or help our brand?
    • How can we maximize both digital and face-to-face engagement?

How do you attract and retain tomorrow’s members?
Prior to COVID-19 forcing most associations to expand their digital offerings, organizations like Netflix, Facebook, and more have been dramatically growing their digital-first engagement.

The “analog” association model was designed around the preferences of Baby Boomers, who are exiting from their jobs and nonprofit Boards. NextGen members expect a “digital-first” approach to being served, yet associations were slow to convert.

Netflix is a member-based community but looks very different from an association. As we prepare for a post-pandemic “hybrid” model of digital and in-person offerings, we will share tips that can help your association to enhance engagement, which then translates to improvements in recruitment, retention, and revenue!

Join Cathi Hight and Dan Stevens, President of WorkerBee.TV, Inc. and creator of Association TV®, as they discuss ways you can grow your association for the future.

Guest Speaker

Dan Stevens, President of WorkerBee.TV, Inc. and creator of Association TV®.
Dan has over 30-years of association experience and takes pride in driving the industry forward. Dan’s first experience in the association world started in 1991 when he launched a chapter for the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO). Dan has served on EO’s International Board of Directors in various positions, including International Chairman in 1996-1997. Today, EO is a global association of over 13,000 entrepreneurs.

As an entrepreneur, family man and association member, Dan has first-hand experience in growing organizations and leveraging the power of technology to enable growth in a strategic and sustainable manner. Dan is the Founder and President of WorkerBee.TV, Inc., an online platform and multimedia services organization that has developed strategic models specific to the needs of associations. WorkerBee.TV’s flagship platform and service offering – Association TV® – empowers associations to inform, educate and inspire their members and prospects.

Not only is Dan a thought leader and sought-after speaker on topics such as digital disruption, multimedia, and the evolution of the association sector, he is also a published author. The book, Moving your Association from Analog to Digital, A CEOs Guide to Rapid Change, explores content trends in the association space and how to prepare for the next decade. (Check it out on

A Promoter of “Good Change”

Cathi Hight, is President of the Hight Performance Group, an organizational development firm that helps develop healthy organizations to manage constant change, enhance customer loyalty and “work smarter, not harder.” She has over 20 years of experience in working with education, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, nonprofit, and technology sectors.

As a certified Wiley Workplace Solutions Partner, Cathi works with organizations to develop high performing teams, effective leaders and productive work environments.

With more than 20 years’ experience in performance improvement, Cathi helps clients identify their real problems and solve them. She shares Kaizen principles of continuous improvement, making small and incremental changes, and improving customer experiences which bring about “good change” for internal and external customers.

Cathi is the author of The Member Retention Kit and A New Approach to Tiered Membership, and the Work Smarter, Not Harder program. Hight Performance Group offers resources to help organizations attract, engage, and retain members. Cathi helps organizations stay relevant, deliver benefits that members appreciate, and effectively communicate the value of membership with proven strategies that will save you time and increase your bottom line.

Your future depends on becoming digital. Are you ready?

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