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Interested in creating or refining your own tiered membership program within your Chamber?

Join Cathi Hight’s 3-month program designed to help you create a more successful tiered membership structure to attract and retain your members.

In this program you will have:

•    Access to Cathi’s new book “A New Approach to Tiered Membership”

•    3 “Deep Dive” Webinars and Sample Tiered Models

•    Private access to the Facebook community

•    Opportunities to privately consult with Cathi Hight

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A New Approach to Tiered Membership

Chapter 1: Is It Time For A Change?
Explore the changing landscape that Chambers and your business communities are facing and the factors (beyond ROI) that are impact organizations throughout the U.S.

Chapter 2: Trends in Membership Models
Review the emerging trends in membership models and how prevalent they are in the Chamber industry. Explore how these trends are being incorporated into today’s membership models.

Chapter 3: Which Model is Right for You?
Discover a process to evaluate your own membership model, performance trends, and to determine which type of membership model is best for your organization.

Chapter 4: Appealing to Different Members’ Interests
Recognize that chambers serve a diverse group of constituents with different interests and needs. Evaluate your current benefits and how they resonate with your members.

Chapter 5: Moving Towards a Targeted Benefits Model
Explore a new approach to developing tiered membership models that delivers value to a diverse membership, employs the emerging trends, and aligns with your market.

Chapter 6: Creating Your Tiered Membership Model
Determine pricing ranges for each tier, collect feedback from additional stakeholders, and refine your model to meet the needs of your members and the organization.

Chapter 7: Implementing the Tiered Membership Model
Develop an implementation plan with goals, strategies, timelines, and responsibilities that overcomes challenges and leverages best practices for positive outcomes.