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Networking 4.0 — Rethink and Reinvent the Art of Connection


In this age of connection:

    • Why is networking not working for many members?
    • How do members define “meaningful engagement”?
    • How can we facilitate connections that help members achieve success?

People Need Networks, Not Networking

Old-fashioned networking was never really successful and a ‘hit or miss’ for many, mainly because people don’t understand the difference between networking and building a network. Many members who attended mixers hoping for “meaningful engagement” don’t return to avoid sales pitches and irrelevant dialogs. Yet, a common reason why people join and come to events is networking. Sounds crazy, right?

Yes, your members want to engage and connect. Your goal is to create environments which encourage interactions, connections, and help members create networks that enable success.

Covid changed the landscape. People are uber-busy, don’t have time or are unwilling to attend multiple events every month, and some are feeling cautious about gatherings. The need to connect is still there, but the expectations have shifted.

Explore Networking 4.0 and the opportunity to rethink and reinvent the art of connection. Networking-as-you-know-it is being overturned. It’s time to move away from networking to building networks. Bring your team and join the conversation!

Are you ready to design Networking 4.0 for your members?

Networking 4.0 | Webinar | Hight Performance Group



  • Thursday, November 18
  • 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EST
  • 11:00 am - 12:00 pm CST
  • 9:00 am - 10:00 am PST


  • 1

    Explore how old-school networking is dead and why your programs need an overhaul.

  • 2

    Define “meaningful engagement” and why tribes matter.

  • 3

    Determine how to help members “network on purpose,” stop chasing unicorns, and build relationship assets.

Join the discussion as Cathi Hight and her guests, Beth Bridges of The Networking Motivator and Frank Kenny, Digital Strategist and Founder of Chamber of Commerce Professionals, talk about the opportunity move away from networking and focus on building networks.

Guest Speaker: Beth Bridges

The Networking Motivator

Beth Bridges became known as the Networking Motivator after attending and running over 2,500 in-person networking events over a 10-year span.

Beth is the author of Networking on Purpose: A Five-Part Success Plan to Build a Powerful and Profitable Business Network and coaches individuals and groups to develop their networking skills and strategies.

Beth serves as the Chief Networking Officer for, a networking platform which brings one-to-one networking to the digital realm. She has an extensive digital marketing background and has been a nationally ranked age-graded runner in the half mile.

Learn more about Beth at or find her on

Guest Speaker: Frank J. Kenny

Digital Strategist and Founder of Chamber of Commerce Professionals

Frank is a successful entrepreneur, chamber member, former chamber board member, former board chair, and former chamber President/CEO.

He now coaches and consults with chamber professionals, trains staff and board members, and speaks professionally.

He has worked with hundreds of chambers over the past 10 years doing strategic planning, board retreats, orientations, and training sessions. His specialties include social media, digital marketing, and technology.

He is a graduate of the Western Association of Chamber Executive’s Academy program and has a degree in finance as well as an MBA.

Frank serves on the faculty of the Institute for Organization Management. He is the author of three books and founder of the Chamber Focus Show and the 9,500-member Chamber of Commerce Professionals Community on Facebook.

Frank and Norma (and Trixie and Cooper) travel in their RV going from chamber to chamber, state to state. They have been on the road full-time for the past 7 years.


A Promoter of “Good Change”

Cathi Hight, is President of Hight Performance Group, an organizational development firm that helps develop healthy organizations to manage constant change, enhance customer loyalty and “work smarter, not harder.” She has over 25 years of experience in performance improvement, strategic planning, board development, and membership development.

As a certified Wiley Workplace Solutions Partner and Kaizen consultant, Cathi works with organizations to develop high performing teams, effective leaders, customer-centric practices, and productive work environments.

Cathi helps clients identify their real problems and solve them. She shares Kaizen principles of continuous improvement, making small and incremental changes, and improving customer experiences which bring about “good change” for internal and external customers.

Cathi is recognized nationally for her work with associations and is the author of The Member Retention Kit and A New Approach to Tiered Membership, and developer of the Work Smarter, Not Harder program. Hight Performance Group offers resources to help organizations attract, engage, and retain members. Cathi helps organizations stay relevant, effectively communicate the value of membership, and increase their bottom line.

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