Cathi Hight

Put Cathi Hight’s Association Experience To Work For You
Cathi Hight finds working with associations an exciting and rewarding challenge. Using proven strategies, assessments, and intervention tools, she helps you not only evaluate and identify your problems, but solve them.

She has served as a VP of Operations for the Chamber of Commerce of Hawai`i and national instructor for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, “With my association background, I know what it’s like to be inside, running with a small team and trying to deliver value to such a diverse group of people—half of which don’t understand what you do for them even though you work 80 hours a week.”

Having held the position as Regional Sales and Marketing Manager for both Dole Foods and Dean Foods, Cathi understands the importance of audience segmentation and clearly defining who your audience is. “Different members want different things from an organization, so meeting their varied expectations can be challenging,” she explains.

Cathi wants to take on that challenge with you. She works with you and your organization in a holistic way—not just working on a membership survey, but helping you fix what’s not working. She delivers more than feedback. She gives you a well-thought-out plan to reverse the trend so your members get more out of membership.

Cathi’s diverse career background also includes positions as Corporate Training Coordinator for Bank of Hawai`i, program manager for the Kauffman Foundation (running the FastTrac® Entrepreneurship program nationwide), and Motorola University Instructor.

“Cathi’s foresight in creating a tool that helps organizations retain more of its members is a natural progression in her consulting specialty because we all know recruiting new members . . . costs far more than keeping the ones we already have.”

—Debra Benton, author How To Think Like a CEO (Warner Books)

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