Win Back Campaigns: Courting Dropped Members



Thursday, January 30
12 PM Eastern Time
11 AM Central Time
10 AM Mountain Time
9 AM Pacific Time

Win Back Campaigns | Webinar | Hight Performance Group
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  • 1

    The Forgotten Lifecycle of Membership.

  • 2

    A four-step process to launch a targeted campaign for dropped members.

  • 3

    Anticipated challenges for winning members back and strategies to overcome them.

  • 4

    Elements of successful Win Back Campaigns.

One of the “untapped goldmines” for most organizations are former members.

    • Do you have as many dropped members as prospects?
    • Which dropped members should you target?
    • How can we influence dropped members to come back?

If you pulled a “Dropped Member List” from your database, you may be very surprised to see a list of thousands of previous members who were once part of your organization. (Even if the count isn’t that high, it’s still a staggering number, wouldn’t you agree?)

Yes, there are still countless of new prospects who haven’t heard of your organization, what you do and what you can offer them. Does it make sense to reach back to those who once invested and for some reason, decided not to renew their memberships?

Although not all dropped members are viable or willing prospects, it’s worth exploring the potential of developing a Win Back Campaign to target and re-recruit them again. Before you go down that road, take the time to consider potential challenges, elements and strategies for a successful campaign.

Grow your membership by winning back members!

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Cathi Hight | Hight Performance Group

Cathi Hight

Cathi Hight, thought-leader and author of The Member Retention Kit and A New Approach to Tiered Membership, helps you attract, engage and retain members. She teaches you how to evolve your organization to stay relevant, deliver benefits your members value and effectively communicate the value of membership. Cathi shares proven strategies that will save you time and increase your bottom line.

Be an organization people want to come back to as Cathi Hight shares you how to create successful win back campaigns.

Member Retention Kit | Hight Performance Group

Cathi offers monthly Deep Dive webinars which are available individually, via subscription, as well as part of the Accelerate and Fast Track packages of her Member Retention Kit.

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