Are you and your staff experiencing higher levels of stress?
Why do some find change easier to manage and others resist it strongly?
How can help others manage change successfully?
In today’s business landscape, change is a constant. Economic conditions over the last year have resulted in layoffs, merged positions, and staff doing more with less. You may agree that change seems to occur more often than before and our staff find it increasingly difficult to feel stable.
There are natural human reactions to change. Events that create change happen to all of us. However, each of us must manage our transition to the change. Those around us, especially our leaders, can support us through these transitions. By understanding change management and the six stages people experience, you can lead change initiatives effectively.
Explore fundamental elements of change, why people and organizational cultures resist it, and how to develop a change management plan. Whether you are highly successful in managing change or interested in learning a better approach, this webinar will focus on best practices and help you manage the human side of change–which can be more complex than the technical changes to implement. Join us to explore:
Why individuals and organizational cultures resist change
What do people need to manage change successfully
The Human Change Model and the two types of change
Four types of change attitudes
The Accelerated Change Process and how to create a change management plan
Four actions needed by managers to lead change effectively
The 6 stages of change and how to help staff transition successfully
Our webinars are live, interactive tele-seminars that you can join from your home or office. This hour-long session was presented live on 8/28/09.

Cathi Hight is president and principal Kaizen consultant for Hight Performance Group. She has over 20 years experience in performance improvement and works with clients to enhance strategic and market planning, streamline operations, and improve customer experiences and retention rates. Cathi has a strong reputation for helping clients diagnose the root causes of challenges through assessments, quantitative and qualitative feedback instruments; and designs interventions that appropriately address the challenges. As a certified Motorola University instructor for quality and process improvement, Cathi excels in cycle time reduction and benchmarking.
Cathi has served as VP of Operations for the Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii where she managed a professional staff that served 4,500 member companies and 18 associate chambers of commerce on all islands, and served as the liaison for the Board with 75 CEO’s of the top 250 companies in Hawaii. Cathi was also sales and marketing manager for both Dole Foods and Meadow Gold Dairy (a division of Dean Foods) and led her team to exceed over $72 million in annual sales.

Cathi serves on the Board for the Boulder Area Human Resources Association (BAHRA), and is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the American Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE). Cathi has served on the board for the Boulder Chamber of Commerce and serves as the Chair of the Member Council for the Boulder Chamber which focuses on building a sustainable membership base. Cathi is an instructor for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for Organization Management.

Gary Craig is Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer with Vector Group and has over 20 years of experience in organizational change management, human resources development and organizational development and effectiveness. Through Vector Group, Gary’s work included projects with HP/Compaq, British Airways, Prudential Retail (UK), Square D Company, Alliant Techsystems, Texaco, Community Mutual Insurance Company, and Jeppesen-Sanderson.
Recognized for his ability in efficiently and accurately assessing organizations and recommending and implementing changes aligning human behavior with strategic business objectives and organizational values, Gary is highly skilled in driving optimal performance and human capital within organizations. He has significant domestic and international experience across numerous industries including transportation, insurance, freight, manufacturing, oil & gas, high-tech, printing and telecommunications. Gary incorporates 360° feedback-driven executive coaching, management and leadership development, organizational alignment and transformation, issues-based team building and cross-functional partnering, cultural due diligence and performance management.