Do You Know Really Know – What Your Members Want?

office8Are members demanding more ROI for their investments? What do they expect from you and how can you exceed those expectations?

Maintaining a vibrant and thriving organization requires the need for you to constantly evolve to meet the expectations of your membership. When membership is flat, most likely you’re having a hard time communicating what you offer (i.e., the value of membership).

The good news is that, while you may have a lot of competition and not a lot of resources, you can increase recruitment and retention rates.

Meet Members’ Demands and Fulfill Them Successfully
Hight Performance Group helps you explore ways to deliver more value. Cathi Hight, the Retention Specialist, understands that simply maintaining your market share can be a challenge. She shows you not only how to maintain it, but to increase it.

Collecting and analyzing feedback from your members, non-members and community leaders, Cathi helps you:

  • Understand how stakeholders view your organization and the value it delivers.
  • Pinpoint benefits that motivate members to join and eliminate those benefits that don’t.
  • Develop retention strategies that meet your members’ expectations so they renew continually.
  • Restructure and refine membership dues, packages and programs so you’re offering the greatest value for the investment.

Attract, Engage and Retain Your Members. Contact Hight Performance Today
Let Hight Performance Group unlock the door to your organization’s success and strengthen your ability to attract, engage and retain your members. From books to webinars, we offer a vast array of resources to help you recruit and retain members. View our catalog here.

With access to a team of experts, we can handle your project whether it’s large or small. Contact Cathi Hight and schedule a complimentary introductory call to determine how she may best help you assess and strategically convey your value to members.