Infuse Strategic Thinking into Your Organization


Strategic thinking is everyone’s responsibility and not just that of the CEO or the Board of Directors. The future of your organization depends on developing strategic thinkers at all levels. This involves:
  • Imagining what could be and not what is.
  • Uncovering fresh points of view and a unique take on the future.
  • The capacity to create new answers to old problems.
Enlist Cathi Hight and her team of association experts to execute:
  • Stakeholder surveys to collect perspectives from current, former and prospective members.
  • Key community / industry leader interviews to collect their perspectives.
  • Scenario planning—activities to envision possible futures for the organization.
  • Strategic planning session for Board and staff members.
  • Professional development for staff and volunteers (e.g., retreats, conference keynotes,  training, webinars)
  • Brand theme development (examine the current and design the new)

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