Navigate Change and Realign Your Organization for Ongoing Success

strategic plan
Do you have strategies in place to respond to trends that affect your organization’s direction? If you can’t answer “yes” to this question, then you may be leading an organization whose membership numbers are dropping.

Understanding not only your members’ and prospects’ current needs, but their emerging ones, helps you plan your marketing efforts from a position of strength. Satisfy those needs and keep members coming back for more.

“When our 2,200 member Chamber was ready for a new strategic plan, Hight Performance Group was our choice. Cathi didn’t disappoint. From the initial focus groups and surveys to the board retreat to the actual plan development as well as strategic communications plan, we now have a roadmap for success through 2018.” Michael Meek, President & CEO, Greater New Braunfels Chamber of Commerce

Are You Worried That You Won’t Be Around in 5-10 Years?
When your membership is not growing, it’s time to look at what you’re doing, what should change and how to implement those changes effectively. It does not have to be hard work. In fact, it can be very rewarding, especially as you watch how change positively affects your bottom line.

Retention Specialist, Cathi Hight, steps into your shoes, performs an in-depth assessment of your organization and delivers a strategic plan designed to help you:

  • Continually evolve in order to stay essential to your market.
  • Understand how stakeholders perceive you, your brand and messaging.
  • Communicate your value so members remain loyal to the organization.
  • Evaluate your programming—what’s working, what can you replace and create anew?
  • Gain clarity on your long term strategy and direction—are you on target or not?
  • Develop a membership model that ensures a sustainable future.

Attract, Engage and Retain Your Members. Contact Hight Performance Today
Let Hight Performance Group unlock the door to your organization’s success and strengthen your ability to attract, engage and retain your members. With access to a team of expert resources, we handle projects large and small.

“The Fayetteville Regional Chamber has transitioned from an organization focused almost entirely on economic development to a unified, multi-faceted organization that puts our 1,000 members first. That transition wasn’t an easy one. With the professional assistance of Cathi Hight, our organization was able to understand what’s important to our members, overlay that with the needs of our community, and begin to communicate and implement a dynamic, focused and measurable strategic plan that currently serves as the center-piece of our work.

Cathi’s work included a comprehensive look at our members, our resources both human and financial as well as the challenges that exist in our region. Through a very thorough review, and based on input collected from our members and community leaders, we’re uniquely positioned to lead and achieve. The result of her work is a well-thought document that meets the expectations of our board, and allows for its use as a tool to expand our membership base.

Since its roll-out, our plan has brought solidarity to an organization that has struggled to find its relevance. Today, we’re progressing ahead of expectation, and in a transparent and result-oriented manner.”

Douglas Peters, President & CEO, Fayetteville Regional Chamber

Review our services here. Or contact Cathi Hight and schedule a complimentary introductory call to determine how she may best help you achieve your organization’s goals over the next three to five years.