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"Take Back Your Time and Your Life!"

Take Back Your Time and Your Life | Free Webinar Recording| Hight Performance Group

Top three reasons to access this FREE webinar recording:

  • You will gain a better understanding of the "myth of multitasking" and why it actually hurts your brain.
  • Rather than saying "Yes" to everything, you will discover the six ways you can say “No” or “Not right now”.
  • You will clearly realize how time suckers easily steal 8 weeks a year from your life and how you can gain it back.

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This free gift introduces you to one of Cathi Hight’s monthly Productivity Deep Dive webinars — available for individual purchase or automatically included in her 16-week Work Smarter Not Harder online program.

While you are dedicated to what you do...

    • Do you dream about work?
    • Are you working more hours than you’d like?
    • Has chaos become the new “normal” in your office?

Multiple ‘To Do’ lists, endless emails, conflicting priorities and staff shortages place relentless demands on your time. The result is longer work weeks, less personal time and increased stress levels.

The solution is multitasking, coming in early and staying late, and/or buying Tylenol in bulk… or is there a better way to get more done in less time with less stress?

Yes, there is a solution and it’s learning how to “work smarter, not harder”. But, what does that really mean? It’s about recognizing work habits that are counter-productive and creating work environments that allow employees to work and live a more balanced life.

Stop the insanity and learn how to gain more than 6 hours of productivity a week!

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