Discover whether changing your membership model is right for your Chamber!

One of the biggest challenges Chambers of Commerce face is the ability to attract and retain members

In this video, Cathi Hight reveals her new book “A New Approach To Tiered Membership” and addresses what is in the way of your Chamber’s success

  • What are the key factors impacting membership
  • Why ROI and value are more important than ever to members
  • How most models, including tiered dues memberships, are not designed for today's members
  • How you can benefit from this new approach

Get a sneak peek at Cathi Hight's new book “A New Approach To Tiered Membership” to increase your Chamber's ability to attract and retain members

In this day and age of meeting customer needs, a generic membership approach no longer works. A New Approach to Tired Membership provides the basis to analyzing and developing a successful plan for creating a custom approach that delivers value and meets individual customer’s needs. Highly recommended.

Mark A V’Soske, CAE, President, Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce

Cathi Hight knows chambers, understands members, and her tiered system is the special sauce for turning your membership sales from a business transaction into a meaningful relationship based on a blending of mutual interests.

John Tayer, President and CEO, Boulder Chamber

Here’s what you will learn:

  • Whether it is time to consider a change to your membership model
  • The pros and cons of various models
  • About the changing landscape that Chambers and your business communities are facing
  • Super-trends that are driving new membership challenges and opportunities
  • The factors (beyond ROI) that are impacting Chambers around the U.S.
  • How advancing your organization's vision and providing value can work for you

“A New Approach To Tiered Membership”

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Cathi distills the complexities of operating membership organizations into something that is understandable and applicable. She is incredibly knowledgeable of best practices, her frameworks are spot-on, but she is always welcoming to new ideas and approaches. Her hallmark is how graciously she shares her knowledge, experience and wisdom. A conversation with Cathi always leads to an improvement in whatever I am working on.

Jonathan Packard, Senior VP of Business Development, Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce