Are increased workloads and staffing shortages impacting your productivity?

Do you have more to do than is physically possible?

Is a sense of overload and relentless expectations causing you higher levels of stress?

Everyone has been asked to do more with less and this trend will continue over the next two years as we work through the economic recovery. Less means working with fewer staff while the workload increases. Lost productivity is often the result with missed deadlines, un-pursued sales opportunity, re-work due to errors and omissions, fatigue and stress.

You’ve been told to “work smarter, not harder,” but what does that really mean? This training program will help you do just that and you will gain 6 more hours a week in productivity! You could go home earlier, get more done or sleep a few more hours–your choice.

More than 3,000 graduates have experienced the Work Smarter, Not Harder program since 2002 and it is by far the most requested training program we offer. What makes it so different? It helps you assess where you are and the practical concepts can be applied immediately. The online time management assessment reveals your strengths and weaknesses and provides fantastic tips to improve your skills.

In the past, this program was only available onsite and is being offered through webinar modules for the first time. You can choose to purchase the Work Smarter, Not Harder workbook, the Time Mastery Profile and one-on-one coaching sessions for additional support.

Module 1: Redesign Your Workspace–Get organized, optimize your workspace, improve your concentration & process tasks in ¼ the time
Module 2: Create Workflow Systems–Explore Outlook tips & tricks to manage e-mail and tasks, create a system track, prioritize and manage your workflow
Module 3: Manage Time–Identify your strengths and challenges in 12 different time management areas and develop strategies to manage time better
Module 4: Stay Balanced–Explore techniques to manage multiple priorities, projects, and the 5 stages of stress

Optional tools: Time Mastery assessment to evaluate your skills in 12 unique areas ($35/participant). Click here to learn more. The Work Smarter, Not Harder workbook has over 60 pages of tips and techniques to gain more than 6 hours of productivity per week ($29.95/each).

Call (720) 304-0747 to learn more about one-on-one coaching sessions.

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Participants Love Our Webinars!

“Before I attended the program my office was organized using the ‘file-by-pile’ method. The biggest problem I had was when returning to my office after tending to an urgent “hot compliance issue” (which could last several days), I would waste valuable time re-assessing my priorities. The tools I gained from this program have helped me organize my work so that I always know the status of my highest priority tasks. This has reduced wasted effort on re-prioritizing every time I’m pulled off to manage an emergency situation. I have also used many of the other techniques I learned to reduce the redundancies in my work and timewasters.

“The one-on-one coaching sessions offered as part of the program made the training even more effective. My coach worked with me to customize the concepts to address my unique challenges. This personal coaching helped to transfer the new techniques I learned and apply them in my every day work environment. I have gained at least the promised six (6) hours of extra productivity per week. Thank you!”
Principal Compliance Engineer, Colorado MEDtech, Inc.

“Your program was met with outstanding comments and the participants unanimously agreed that the program was of great value and met their expectations. We appreciate your consistent high quality, educational and entertaining presentations. I would very much like to offer this program again to our staff!”
HR Management Development and Training Director, Kaiser Permanente

“I had the opportunity to participate in the Work Smarter, Not Harder program. Over the years, I have had the good fortune of participating in many time management training opportunities, and have gleaned a gem or two from all. For me, Work Smarter, Not Harder was a markedly different experience than past training sessions. The tools I learned from this program produced many, many positive results in my work day. I am on top of my priorities, effectively planning projects, and working on tasks well before they are due. I am able to look toward the future needs of my department, and proactively plan next steps in a way I have never achieved before.

“The one-on-one coaching sessions required me to follow through with implementing an improved work area. My files are organized, my in box consistently empty, and my office is now a functional, productive place. Within three months of completing this program, I was in control of my work week. I have recommended this training to many of my colleagues and all have experienced tremendous gains in productivity. This program will benefit anyone who wants to work smarter!”
Lynne C. Reynolds, Director, Boulder Municipal Court

“I have taken seminars, courses and read books on planning, time management and goal setting over the years. This program provided a unique approach to bringing these subjects together with a system to build habits that provide quick results and lasting return on the invested time. The time spent in the seminars was very informative and helpful. What sets this program apart from all others I have experiences is the one-on-one follow-up. My sessions spread over a number of weeks after the seminars provided me with customized guidance and accountability, the one step that usually is not present with other approaches I have experienced. I would recommend the program to everyone who desires to become more efficient, productive and stay on track in business and their whole life.”
Broker Associate, Prudential Realtors

“I never knew how much organizing my office and schedule would increase my ability to concentrate and focus.”
Membership Director, Boulder Chamber of Commerce


Cathi Hight is a Kaizen (performance improvement) consultant for Hight Performance Group. Her career highlights include: VP of Operations for the Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii, Motorola University instructor for continuous improvement, Sales & Marketing Manager for Dean Foods and Dole Foods, and a productivity coach. Hight Performance Group is the developer of the Work Smarter, Not Harder program and The Member Retention Kit.

Cathi has presented for ACCE at its national conventions and for DIALog webinars. She was a national trainer for ACCE for membership development. Cathi is also an instructor for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for Organization Management.

Cathi has served on the board for the Boulder Chamber of Commerce and serves as the Chair of the Member Council for the Boulder Chamber which focuses on building a sustainable membership base. She serves on the Board for the Boulder Area Human Resources Association (BAHRA), and is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the American Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE).

Hight Performance Group works with clients to enhance strategic and market planning, streamline operations, and improve customer experiences and retention rates.