The facilitator’s kit is designed to help you administer, interpret, and design a seminar using the Team Dimensions Profile. To use the facilitator’s kit, it is necessary to purchase one for each participant in your session.
Designed to provide human resource professionals with practical, research-based expertise, the kit helps you deliver Inscape Publishing’s unique Discover & Capitalize approach to workplace learning:
Provide a self-directed scoring and interpreting process that actively engages the learner in the context of personal experience
Simplify complex issues to increase understanding
Create a non-judgmental language for identifying and dealing with team process and responsibilities
Assess individual strengths
Improve teamwork skills
Value contributions of every team member
Foster self-awareness and behavioral insights for long-term performance results
Materials Included in the Team Dimensions Profile Facilitator’s Kit
Volume 1: Facilitator’s Manual–Learn how to administer and interpret the Team Dimensions Profile® for best results. Includes research & technical background.
Volume 2: Scripted Seminar- A complete Team Dimensions Profile facilitator’s script with applications, individual, & group activities for impactful learning.
PowerPoint Presentation in 2 Formats: Dark Background/ Light Background
o Reproducible Team Dimensions Profile participant handouts
o PC and Mac Compatible
o The installshield program is compatible on the PC
o The PowerPoint Presentations are available on the CD for Macintosh Users
o Requirements: Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 or greater, or a Microsoft Office Viewer for PowerPoint
Two Team Dimensional Profiles (printed version)
Sample Completed Team Dimensions Profile

Click here to see a completed online profile report.