Start Improving Your Membership Retention Rates!

Having the right resources and strategies behind your retention efforts has never been more important than today. Losing members impacts your profitability and reputation. Member engagement is seemingly more difficult in today’s virtual economy.

We have your ideal solution for effectively retaining your members. The Retain My Membership bundle includes:

Retention Resources: Strategies that Deliver Returns on Your Investment! (webinar recording)

     You’ll learn:

  1. Learn why member retention is “everyone’s job” and “no one’s job”
  2. Understand what it really costs to recruit members and how losing members impacts your profitability
  3. Discover how to get “buy in” from leadership to invest in retention resources
  4. Explore how to leverage staff and volunteer resources to increase engagement and retention


3 Strategies to Onboard New Members (webinar recording)

     You’ll learn:

  1. Explore 1st year renewals trends and how they impact overall retention rates
  2. Discover proven strategies that get new members engaged earlier
  3. Learn how to create a 1st-year member experience that makes renewals a no-brainer


Recruit, Retain and Reward Your Members book (PDF version)

     You’ll learn:

  1. Recognize the myths that are killing your retention rates
  2. Determine if your retention rate is “normal”
  3. Discover how to develop loyal members that renew year after year
  4. Learn how to create a “real” retention plan


One-hour Membership Retention Strategy Session with Cathi Hight

You’ll learn:

  1. Discuss your retention challenges with an international membership guru
  2. Identify low-hanging opportunities to capitalize on and strategies to put into place
  3. Explore ways you can create a customized retention plan that maximizes your resources