Tell others exactly what you need.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your colleagues had their needs written all over them? To understand exactly what they need to have the most effective interaction?  To know that your manager focuses immediately on end results, that a new co-worker values team collaboration, or even that your colleague simply hasn’t had their morning coffee yet?

These reusable magnetic Need Tags are a great way to get people talking during a networking event or a facilitation session.

Starter Tag  Set includes one of each 12 designs. (blank not included) 

You can also order a set of the same needs tag. Contact us to learn how:

  • Accuracy
  • Action
  • Challenge
  • Coffee
  • Collaboration
  • Enthusiasm
  • Happy Hour!
  • Results
  • Stability
  • Support
  • to be a Star
  • Chocolate
  • Blanks to create your own