Get the Tools You Need to Grow Your Membership!
Growing your membership base has never been more challenging. Competition is fierce and finding the right ways to reach prospects can be difficult. What used to work yesterday might be outdated today. How do you continue to grow your association?

Get your ultimate solution for swift growth. The Grow My Membership bundle includes:

Smart Recruiting: Key Practices that Retain Members And Improve Your Bottom Line! (webinar recording)

     You’ll learn:

  1. How to recruit members that are more likely to stay
  2. Identify characteristics of your “ideal members”
  3. How to increase your market share through smart recruiting practices
  4. Learn what it takes to get “buy-in” from leadership and staff to change recruiting behaviors


How to Appeal to the 4 Types of Members (webinar recording)

     You’ll learn:

  1. Identify the types of benefits that resonate the best with each type of member
  2. Explore how to use the Member Profile Matrix to create a tiered benefits model
  3. Develop strategies for targeted messages for recruiting, retaining, and communicating to each type of member


Pitch It, Sell It Close It book (PDF version)

     You’ll learn:

  1. Rate your effectiveness for the 7 stages of the sales cycle
  2. Discover innovative ways to pitch membership
  3. Identify new and creative closing techniques for membership sales


One-hour Membership Growth Strategy Session with Cathi Hight

     You’ll learn:

  1. Discuss your recruiting challenges with an international membership guru
  2. Identify low-hanging opportunities to capitalize on and strategies to put into place
  3. Explore ways you can create a strategic recruiting plan to grow your membership