Learn to Evolve Your Organization to Meet Stakeholder’s Needs Today!
Our economy is reshaping priorities and value perceptions of your organization. There are “sacred cows” that are holding you hostage from serving today’s members. Organizational challenges and stakeholder expectations are greater than they have ever been.

We have exactly what you need to strategically evolve and stay relevant for your community. The Evolve My Organization bundle includes:

Chamber Evolution: How to Be the Leader Your Community Needs (webinar recording)

     You’ll learn:

  1. Recognize how trends are reshaping priorities and value perceptions of your organization
  2. Explore how the future will create winners and losers in the industry and in your communities
  3. Discover how 3 membership organizations are evolving to be the leaders their communities need


Kill the Sacred Cows: How to Evaluate, Refine, and Drop Member Benefits (webinar recording)

     You’ll learn:

  1. Identify the “sacred cows” that are you holding you hostage from serving today’s members
  2. Discover how a Member Benefit Matrix can help you assess programs and refine programs to better meet your members’ changing expectations
  3. Explore ways to kill the sacred cows and stay relevant to your members


Customer Experience Management book (PDF version)

     You’ll learn:

  1. Recognize how the “experience economy” has raised expectations for customers
  2. Discover the new 10 Commandments of Customer Service and how they can create a competitive edge for your organization
  3. Learn how to develop a Customer Experience Scorecard that evaluate how you serve members


One-hour Organizational Growth Strategy Session with Cathi Hight

     You’ll learn:

  1. Discuss your organizational challenges with an international membership guru
  2. Identify opportunities to better meet stakeholders’ expectations
  3. Explore ways you can improve operational efficiency, revenue and overall performance