Cathi Hight Presents

A Hight Performance Group Webinar Recording
"Power Hours: Master the Time Management Matrix"

Top three reasons to watch this webinar recording:

  • Understand the Time Management Matrix and how your time is spent.
  • Explore the concept of Power Hours and why they yield 4 times more productivity.
  • Determine how to increase Quadrant II time in your week without adding more hours.

Admit it...

    • • Do you stay late or come in early or on weekends to get work done?
      • Are you constantly “putting out fires” at work?
      • Is there little time to work on projects, new ideas and build relationships?

If you have struggled with having enough time to work on strategic initiatives, engage with customers on a regular basis, or to do things that help you personally — like going to the gym — you’re not alone. Most of your time is spent in crisis mode, useless meetings, or being a pawn in other people’s agendas.

Where is the time you need for things that are important to you?

The Time Management Matrix was developed by President Eisenhower and popularized in Steven Covey’s bestselling book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” Learning how to “put first things first” is the 3rd habit, which is much harder to do than it sounds because everyone one’s priority seems to the most important.

There is only so much time in a day and a week — so how can you capitalize on the Matrix to increase your productivity?

Make First Things First a reality in your life to master time effectively!

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