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Member Retention Kit

Member Retention Kit | Hight Performance GroupInterested in improving your member retention with a solid step-by-step process?

Get everything you need to develop an effective retention plan that works for your organization.

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Member Retention Kit

Develop Your Strategic Retention Plan!

How do you analyze retention challenges and design a solid plan to increase retention rates?

The Member Retention Kit uses a step-by-step process to help you conduct a membership retention audit, identify specific retention challenges unique to your organization, and to develop a strategic retention plan with goals, strategies, tactics, and the process to measure and manage your outcomes.

It’s everything you need to develop an effective retention plan. The Kit includes over 200 pages of content, worksheets and templates, samples and articles written by Cathi Hight. Includes over 90 samples including, surveys, retention audits, retention plans, renewal and reinstatement letters, flyers and call scripts ready for you to modify or use as is!

The Kit is also endorsed and distributed through the ACCE (Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives).

  • Section I – A Guide to Member Retention
  • Section II – The Retention Audit: Where We Are Now
  • Section III – Retention Resources: What Can We Leverage?
  • Section IV – Strategic Direction: The Retention Plan
  • Section V – Renewal and Reinstatement
  • Section VI – Great Ideas from the Field
  • PLUS Bonus Articles of Interest