Lifetime Value of Members: Time + Engagement = Revenue

Lifetime Value of Members | Webinar | Hight Performance Group



Thursday, Sept. 26th
12 PM Eastern Time
11 AM Central Time
10 AM Mountain Time
9 AM Pacific Time

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Normally $59 — Early Bird Price of $49
ends 11:59pm Wednesday, September 18, 2019


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    Understand the Lifetime Value of Members and how it impacts retention and your bottom line.

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    Determine why the number of members is less important than the value of members.

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    Discover 3 strategies to cultivate more long-term and higher value members, increase the average revenue of members, and track the Lifetime Value of Members.

When you think beyond just attracting and keeping members:

    • Do you know how much each member is worth to your organization?
    • What is the impact of member churn on lifetime values?
    • How can you increase the lifetime value of members and your bottom line?

If you’re only tracking the retention of members from one year to the next, then you are missing critical information that could affect your future retention rates and grow your revenue. Year-to-year retention calculations only focus on a group of members within that timeframe and don’t give you the whole story.

Understanding how member engagement and the length of membership influences retention and revenue will help you to recruit for retention, enhance the member experience, and develop loyal members that support your mission. Don’t miss this opportunity to refine your approach and see better results over time!

Learn how to develop lifetime memberships that fund your mission!

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Cathi Hight | Hight Performance Group

Cathi Hight

Cathi Hight, thought-leader and author of The Member Retention Kit and A New Approach to Tiered Membership, helps you attract, engage and retain members. She teaches you how to evolve your organization to stay relevant, deliver benefits your members value and effectively communicate the value of membership. Cathi shares proven strategies that will save you time and increase your bottom line.

Join Cathi Hight as we explore how focusing on the lifetime value of members positively impacts the member experience as well as the bottom line.

Member Retention Kit | Hight Performance Group

This webinar is part of the monthly series of member retention webinars available in the Accelerate and Fast Track packages of Cathi Hight’s Member Retention Kit.

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