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"Hijacked by Interruptions: Control the Unnecessary"

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Hijacked by Interruptions | Live Webinar | Hight Performance Group

Top three reasons to watch this webinar recording:

  • Identify the real cost of interruptions and their impact on work productivity.
  • Explore how to move from an interruptive work culture to a respectful one.
  • Isolate three strategies to reduce interruptions and get more work done.

You know it is irritating, and yet:

    • • How many interruptions do you have daily?
      • Does your work environment instill an interrupted culture?
      • How do interruptions disrupt your peak “flow”?

Ranked high on most people’s list of Top Timewasters is unnecessary interruptions. In fact, a recent poll showed that more than 70% of workers cited frequent interrruptions as a concern. Although some interruptions are expected and unavoidable to be customer-centric, the majority of them are truly time-suckers. It is estimated that many people lose at least 2 hours per day due to unnecessary interruptions and for some, it can account for a loss of 6 hours of lost productivity.

Most of the “unnecessary” interruptions experienced are from co-workers who know how busy you are and are probably busy themselves. If you work in a cubicle or an open-space layout, it’s likely that you have 30% more interruptions than those who have offices with doors. And you’re more likely to have an interruptive work culture. How can you serve customers and co-workers and still be productive?

It’s time to stop being hijacked by unnecessary interruptions!

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