Going Faster and Further with the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)

Entrepreneurial Operating System | Webinar | Hight Performance Group

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    Explore the fundamentals of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).

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    Understand hot the mastery of six key components can eliminate your business-related frustrations and add balance to your life.

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    Identify five foundation tools you can implement starting today.

Imagine it: Your entire team is on the same page with the direction your organization is going and how you plan to get there. An organization with focus, discipline and accountability throughout, enabling everyone on your team to execute the same vision every day.

Now that you can imagine this scenario, doesn’t it make you wonder about this concept called the Entrepreneurial Operation System (EOS) with questions like:

    • Why are so many member-based organizations adopting the EOS system?
    • How can EOS lead to real results for our organization?
    • Can EOS help us build a strong, healthy, and enduring organization?

Discover how the Michigan West Coast Chamber and other member-based organizations across the country are using the EOS, a complete set of simple concepts and practical tools, to create cohesive and functional team dynamics and achieve powerful results.

These simple tools will give you and your team what it needs to achieve better results!

Guest Speaker:
Jane Clark is President of the Michigan West Coast Chamber of Commerce, the organization created through the merger of the Zeeland Chamber of Commerce and the Holland Area Chamber of Commerce in September 2012. She was previously President of the Holland Area Chamber of Commerce since June 2004. Jane currently serves as Vice Chair of the ACCE Foundation Board of Directors. She is a former member of the ACCE Board of Directors and the Board of Directors of the Michigan Association of Chamber Professionals (MACP) and has been recognized by MACP as the Chamber Executive of the Year. She is also a member of the Chamber of Commerce Committee of 100, a program of the US Chamber. Jane is a 1985 graduate of Indiana University and a graduate of the Institute for Organizational Management, a program of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Jane Clark | President, Michigan West Coast Chamber of Commerce

Jane Clark, President, Michigan West Coast Chamber of Commerce

Cathi Hight | Hight Performance Group

Cathi Hight

Cathi Hight, thought-leader and author of The Member Retention Kit and A New Approach to Tiered Membership, helps you attract, engage and retain members. She teaches you how to evolve your organization to stay relevant, deliver benefits your members value and effectively communicate the value of membership. Cathi shares proven strategies that will save you time and increase your bottom line.

Discover with Cathi Hight and Jane Clark how the EOS system can help you build a strong, healthy, and enduring organization.

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Cathi offers monthly Deep Dive webinars which are available individually, via subscription, as well as part of the Accelerate and Fast Track packages of her Member Retention Kit.

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