Cathi Hight Presents

A LIVE Hight Performance Group Webinar
"Death By Meetings — Reclaim Your Time and Productivity"



  • Wednesday, May 22nd
  • 12 PM Eastern Time
  • 11 AM Central Time
  • 9 AM Pacific Time
Death By Meetings | Live Webinar | Hight Performance Group

Top three reasons to attend this live webinar:

  • Understand the real of cost of meetings and their impact on productivity and staff engagement.
  • Identify the six types of meetings and the best way to leverage them.
  • Explore meeting hacks that save time, drive results, and create engagement.

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LIVE webinar registration closes at 5pm CDT Tuesday, May 21st after which time you are welcome to purchase the webinar recording.

You and your team probably have asked these questions over the years:

    • Do meetings consume much of our work week?
    • How can we stop from being “hijacked” by ineffective meetings?
    • Are there other ways to drive results without being in meetings?

Meetings can be real time-suckers if they’re poorly organized, don’t solve problems, or if you just have too many of them each week! Even productive meetings keep you away from working on your To Do List, serving customers, or getting home sooner to your family.

Let’s face the reality that not all meetings are created equal. Some are highly valuable while others aren’t, and those that aren’t create the need for other meetings to try to get things accomplished. It’s time to stop the insanity and get real results in less time!

Don’t get hijacked anymore by others’ ineffective meetings — have the kind that others want to attend!

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