Could You Benefit from 6 More Hours of Productivity a Week?

smarter not harder

Do you and your staff complain about the need for better time management skills but don’t really know where to start?

Do you spend much of your day fighting fires and dealing with unnecessary interruptions?

Do you feel “busy” yet accomplish little of what’s really important each week?

If you’re tired of working longer hours than you would like and are looking for a real answer to productivity challenges, then this training workshop is just what is needed. Explore time management strategies that will save you 6 hours a week. Take back control of your time, priorities and your sanity!

It’s Time to Up Your Productivity!

The Work Smarter, Not Harder training is the best program on the market. It offers a “holistic” solution to time management woes and helps staff build both professional and personal skills. Through this program, your staff will:
  • Recognize why multi-tasking is ineffective and learn an alternative approach that helps them complete tasks in ¼ the time
  • Explore Outlook tips and tricks that reduce email processing time
  • Discover a simplified method for prioritizing multiple projects and tasks
  • Develop strategies for creating work-life balance and reducing their stress levels

What Our Clients Say About Work Smarter, Not Harder

“The tools I gained from this program have helped me organize my work so that I always know the status of my highest priority tasks. This has reduced wasted effort on re-prioritizing every time I’m pulled off to manage an emergency situation.  I have also used many of the other techniques I learned to reduce the redundancies in my work and timewasters.”

“Over the years, I have had the good fortune of participating in many time management training opportunities, and have gleaned a gem or two from all.  For me, Work Smarter, Not Harder was a markedly different experience than past training sessions. The tools I learned from this program produced many, many positive results in my work day.  I am on top of my priorities, effectively planning projects, and working on tasks well before they are due.  I am able to look toward the future needs of my department, and proactively plan next steps in a way I have never achieved before.”

“I have taken seminars, courses and read books on planning, time management and goal setting over the years. This program provided a unique approach to bringing these subjects together with a system to build habits that provide quick results and lasting return on the invested time.”

Learn more about our most popular training program by downloading this flyer.  Contact Cathi Hight to explore how to bring this program onsite for your staff and your members.