7 Traits of Amazing Volunteer Leaders


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    Discover the 3 top motivators for members to volunteer.

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    Recognize the common challenges of volunteer leadership and why teams fail.

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    Explore the 7 imperatives of effective volunteer leaders.

We all rely on our volunteers; however, have you ever wondered:

    • How do you attract and retain great volunteers?
    • What motivates members to volunteer?
    • How do you drive results with volunteer teams?

You depend on volunteers to run committees, serve on your Board of Directors, and to support staff to achieve strategic initiatives. You may have been fortunate to work with amazing volunteers. So how can you create the magic formula to create a leadership pipeline that continues to provide the exceptional volunteers you need?

Being an effective volunteer leader and managing others requires a proven set of skills and experience.

Challenges are compounded when everyone on the team is a volunteer. Discover how effective leaders get everyone rowing in the same direction and create positive volunteer experiences.

Invite your volunteer leaders to engage in this live webinar!

Cathi Hight | Hight Performance Group

Cathi Hight

Cathi Hight, thought-leader and author of The Member Retention Kit and A New Approach to Tiered Membership, helps you attract, engage and retain members. She teaches you how to evolve your organization to stay relevant, deliver benefits your members value and effectively communicate the value of membership. Cathi shares proven strategies that will save you time and increase your bottom line.

Bring your volunteer leaders as Cathi Hight dives into the essentials that create positive volunteer experiences.


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