"The 10 Commandments of an Effective Board"

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    The 3 Ds of effective board governance

  • 2

    Proven recruitment and engagement strategies

  • 3

    3 ways to develop accountability and results

When evaluating your Board of Directors, you may be wondering:

  • How do you keep board members accountable?
  • What’s the perfect composition of a board?
  • Do your directors deliver on the 3 Ds?

You depend on the Board of Directors to create strategic direction for your organization, help to achieve agreed-upon goals, and leverage their expertise to complement those of paid staff.

So, what does it take to have a Board where every director has a vested interest in your success? It starts with aligning leadership to a compelling “Why”, making sure you have the “right people on the bus”, and ensuring that they understand their roles and responsibilities.

Are you ready to build a more effective board? Let’s do it!

10 Commandments of an Effective Board | Webinar | Hight Performance Group
Cathi Hight | Hight Performance Group

Cathi Hight

Cathi Hight, thought-leader and author of The Member Retention Kit and A New Approach to Tiered Membership, teaches you how to evolve your organization to stay relevant, deliver on what your stakeholders value, and effectively communicate the value of your organization.

Learn from Cathi Hight the “secret sauce” that the best boards possess and how to reboot your board for success.


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